Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Yesterday I had my first day of work. It is the first I've worked other than a little substituting in 7 years. That means I haven't worked a steady job since before I was wife and mom. I was only doing training, but it was still a long tiring day.
It is a bit overwhelming to adjust to working and still doing all I do around the house. The family did great yesterday and stepped up to give more help. I just hope they keep it up. And I know I have to really work on delegating work and not trying to do it all myself. Things will get done even if it's not MY way.
The nice thing about it all. I am too busy to watch much t.v., to waste my time, or to eat much. Yay! That means weight will fall off.
I do need to find a schedule that will leave me lest frantic and will allow me time to do the things I want like my knitting and sewing.
I also need to find a large collection of do ahead meals that the family will like and that will be easy for the girls to prepare when I need them too. Such as lots of crock pot meals and meals that can go from fridge/freezer to the oven. So lots of research for recipes we will all like that I can do ahead. Suggestions welcome. I got tonight's meal from A Year of Slow Cooking.
Ok, not much time left for me to get dinner in and ready to go...I will catch up on reading soon I hope!

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