Thursday, November 5, 2009

This morning I was "That" Mom!

I had one daughter about to walk out the door to catch the bus and the other one already gone. Hubby had just left. I was sitting on the couch still in my PJ's waiting for everyone to leave so I could go lay down for a bit since I haven't gotten much sleep the last couple nights. Hubby has been up a lot at night due to being sick and he is rather noisy when he is sleeping right now since he is so stuffed up (poor guy!). So with all that I'm not sleeping well either. But just minutes before the last to leave was to walk out the door, the phone rang. It was my other daughter upset telling me she forgot her belt and if she didn't get it before the 8 o'clock bell she would be in trouble.
The school district the girls attend has a uniform dress code. For the most part it's good, but at times like this it is ridiculous. Who cares if they have belt loops and aren't wearing a belt as long as her pants stay up.
So I told her meet me outside her door and I would get it too her. So I quickly threw something on and ran out the door to get it to her before all the traffic made me too late. I got there a little before 7:45. Plenty of time! And I waited. And waited. Finally I decided I better drop it off in her class room. Reluctantly I got out of the car. Why reluctantly? I had my hair still pulled up the way I sleep with it. I had my bright blue PJ shirt on with my favorite sweater jacket thrown on over it with only 2 of the 8 buttons done trying to hide that I had no bra on. I had found my brown wind pants that are too large on me now. My black slide on shoes that are covered in neon flowers (fun in the summer and comfy to wear around the house). My teeth weren't brushed and I had had a couple spots this morning of dry skin I had scratched at. Obviously stupid so I had bloody spots on my face.
I peeked to see if she was in the office in case they had made her wait there. Nope. So I went in the door to her class hallway, and proceeded down the walk of shame. Teachers being kind and saying good morning trying not to give me a funny look (they only half succeeded). I found her room and with all the kids was overwhelmed trying to find her. She was at her desk cheerfully calling out "Hi Mom". SHE loves it when I come to school. And since she doesn't have a great sense of fashion herself, she thinks nothing of the crazy lady at the door who is her mom.
I handed her her belt and hissed why weren't you outside? She made a good point: I had said "your door". I didn't make it clear the door outside that I drop her off at. But I did say OUTSIDE your door and she wasn't there either.
So I couldn't gripe at her too much but did hiss I looked like an idiot and didn't want to come inside. So no normal hug this time as when I have had to come to school for other reasons. I couldn't turn and get out of that room fast enough!
She won't be in trouble when she gets home, but we will have another explaining of when she can get away with not wearing a belt. And what the plan is if I ever have to bring her something at that time of day again. Anything to avoid being "that" mom again!

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