Thursday, February 22, 2007

Doing the right thing deffinately isn't always easy

This week we finally accepted that we couldn't keep my dog, Bruiser, anymore. Bruiser is a 10 month old Apple head Chihuahua. He has the colorings of a Rottweiler. I am not personally a fan of Chihuahuas but I couldn't resist him when my husband brought him home last May and I saw he had those colors. (I love their brown eyebrows) Just like our other animals he is a rescued pet. Our neighbor at the time found him dumped on the side of the road. He was only about 5 weeks old and still needed to be bottle fed. So my husband's soft heart brought him home, and mine allowed me to have the energy to get up to feed him every two hours like a baby.

Now he is a very rambunctious dog, who just isn't happy in an apartment. He very much needs a home with a backyard that he can play in everyday. He also was in need of a very steady routine, and our lifestyle is often not steady. We had been trying and trying to keep him, but when he started an obsession with me that caused him to mark me as his territory, I knew we just couldn't keep him. My husband's assistant's sister took him. She has a yard and young children to keep him entertained.

I know he is happy in his new home and I can visit him any time, but the absence of him has left such a huge hole in my heart. I never knew how much my little 2 pound dog actually filled this house up. The whole family is missing him. I know my husband is feeling it just as badly as me, but being the typical guy, he does his best to brush it off. Being the typical girl I lay in bed crying for an hour every night and then off and on through the day. I do my best not to do this in front of him since I know it makes it harder for him since he doesn't feel he can show his emotions over a dog the same way he does at the lost of a human life.

Today was easier than yesterday, and I know it will get a little better everyday, but boy I sure do miss that little guy. Even if I did spend most of the day telling him no to this or that.

So to Bruiser: You will forever be loved and missed by this family!!!

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