Friday, February 23, 2007

My Funny Quirks

Today as I was in search of my hair brush, the location of it made me think of my somewhat funny quirks.

I found my brush in my magazine/activity bag. When I was a child, my family did their best to go on a road trip vacation every summer. I am very thankful for this for I have seen many fabulous places in this wonderful country of ours. But with these trips were many long hours spent riding in the car. My mom put together a summer travel bag
for my brother and I every year to keep us entertained on the ride, and to help minimize the number of quarrels in the back seat.

I continue to spend many hours in the car. My husband's family lives in East Texas. We travel to visit them frequently, so I bring my bag filled with magazines, a book, and my knitting to keep me busy during the drive. I also travel to Waco every other weekend to drop off my girls with their mom to visit her in Austin. We frequently spend up to an hour waiting for her in the parking lot of Fazolli's. This wonderful bag helps to keep me from getting overly aggravated while waiting. Due to these drives and the advancement of technology, I have added books on CD to my bag. I have been able to listen to many, many books on these drives. The reader is like someone sitting in the passenger seat talking to me and keeping me awake on these tedious drives to and from Waco. I have also added my digital camera to the bag to catch any moments I might not want to miss out on remembering.

OK, so you are asking what is the quirk in that other than my rambling? Well I have realized due to this routine, I have now become obsessed with bags to carry my activities. I am constantly finding a new, cute bag to carry my things in. I have also acquired quite a collection of magazines and books. And I seem to be a frequent visitor to the books on CD shelves at the library.

Well maybe these really aren't quirks, but just something funny I choose to think/write about today.

What is sad is the change in technology these days for my children. We are planning to go on a family trip with my parents and brother in just over a week. My mom being the wonderful woman she is, offered to make bags for the girls. Unfortunately, since I didn't come into their lives early enough to deter them from an addiction of technology, and give them a love for simple things, the girls have made their own bags filled with the latest technology for children. I don't complain cause they really aren't terrible things. Mostly CD players, a few diggy pets, and a kids Ivideo player they got from their mom for Christmas. And these items will help to ward off backseat quarrels too, I just hope they don't get too caught up in playing with these items that they run down their batteries and expect me to replace them every couple of days. I don't plan to spend my money on batteries instead of film for my camera. I know you are thinking why not buy them rechargeable ones. Unfortunately my children are not know for remembering where they place items, so rechargeables get lost, and they are a lot more money to replace.

OK so I've rambled on so much now and have to keep getting up to attend to other important activities in the house, that I have forgotten where all I was going with this particular entry, so I will go for now.

So to anyone stopping in to read...God Bless!!!

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