Monday, February 26, 2007

Times have changed...

Technology is spreading more and more. Especially into the classrooms. This can be a very good thing. I love that my children are getting more and more education on computers. But what is really amazing me, is the lines of communication that are now in the classroom. Every teacher now has her own computer in the room and a phone. On the computer the teacher can send and receive e-mails in addition to the normal booking they need to perform. This can be a great advantage to parents like me who may need to inform the teacher of something private about her child that they don't necessarily want the child knowing is being discussed. I recently had a concern about Holly and things that were happening while at her mom's house. I e-mailed her teacher about this and asked her to please listen if she mentions anything out of the ordinary. The phone is also handy for reaching the teacher immediately in an emergency. I remember when I was in school how if the office needed to get a hold of the teacher they did it over the intercom system.
There is one problem with phones in the classroom though. The students take a little too much advantage of it. My daughters call me frequently from school. Most of the time it is very handy when it concerns an emergency or a change in afternoon schedules which will change the time I need to pick them up from school. But I'm not thrilled when I receive a call to ask me to bring something to them they may have forgotten at home (something that isn't that important) or just to inform me of something minor that really could have waited till they got home. I've told them to make a note if they fear they will forget, but that phone is just becoming too handy. I don't see how this doesn't interrupt there regular class activities. I guess I'll just work a little harder at helping them learn the right situations and needs on when to call me. So to anyone stopping in to read...God Bless!!

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aimee said...

That is great that you can email your child's teacher!