Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Crazy Busy

This week I am cramming a weeks worth of chores into two days. And I have had success! As we speak I am waiting to finish my last chore (well not including folding laundry, but I plan to do that while watching Wall-E tonight. that makes it less of a chore). Over half our house is tiled, so I am waiting for the first half to dry so I can move the furniture and mop the other half.
Why am I doing all of this so quickly. Main reason: Charisse is coming to town with her family!!!!! They arrive Thursday morning. I will spend the day with Lorelli so Charisse and Rob can get some sleep after driving all night.
So why do I have to have my chores finished by today? Well got an e-mail from Lori needing some help this week with Lucas. So tomorrow I am watching him for the day. YAY! Two days in a row with two of my favorite little ones!!
Hopefully tonight I will be able to finish or almost finish Holly's bag for her summer activity kit I am surprising her with. Then tomorrow during Lucas naps and tomorrow evening I can hopefully get a couple chew blankets made for Holly to give as an end of the year gift to her teacher. She is expecting this coming fall. This way it can be an original, useful, and cheap gift since I already have all the supplies. If not Ucreate had a link to a cute idea of a colored pencil bouquet. Something That won't cost me too much either.
OK, better go check my floor and finish it up before Holly gets here so don't have to worry about dirty feet and wet floors. Hopefully I will have some time soon to AGAIN get caught up on reading my long list of blogs I enjoy.

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