Friday, May 29, 2009

*pat,pat,pat* Anyone out there?

Sorry, but like I said this is a crazy month. Hopefully soon I can post some pictures. One is of a purse Holly made herself. I'm quite proud of her creativity. Then as soon as it's finished a dress I'm working on. My first piece of clothing to ever sew! And then as long as I remember to do it before she leaves for her mom's, the bag I made Holly for her summer fun kit.

Summer vacation officially started for us this week. And so far it's been great. First we enjoyed Memorial Weekend with my fabulous friend Charisse coming into town with her family for a few days. They are gone now leaving the house feeling very empty!

Then we spent a fun evening at my friend Tina's enjoying her apartment's pool (that is one of the few things I miss about living in apartments).

And then just various other activities.

Sorry this is short, but Larry is headed back into town and we are going to take Holly to see Up before she leaves with her stepdad to spend the first half of summer with her mom and that side of the family.

But here is a picture of her from last night at her now former school at Movies with Mom night in the gym.

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