Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Where do you go?

For crafty or other ideas for entertainment for your kids for the summer?
My mom turned me on the the magazine Family Fun a few years ago.

I am going to be pulling out my stack of issues within the next few days and going through them for ideas.

When we were kids, my mom gave my brother and I our summer entertainment kits each year on the first day of summer. What I can remember it containing was a skein of yarn for making our crochet ropes (basicly the same idea as the knifty knitter looms just on a MUCH smaller scale. I guess that's why I enjoy the k.k.'s so much), a new spiral note book for a summer journal, and film for our camera. There were more things, but I can't remember them. I am going to make my own version for Holly this year especially since there is a good chance she will spend the majority of her summer at her mom's since I will hopefully have a job. She normally spends only 4-6 weeks at her mom's. And there isn't a lot for her to do while she is there due to the heat and not having many toys there. So she ends up watching a lot of T.V. I'm hoping this might give her more things to do while she's there.

But I am looking for more ideas of things for her to do while she is here or there. We spend a majority of the summer at the library here, but that is not an easy option for her there. So please send ideas of activities for kids. Especially ones to keep them entertained on their own. (I don't know where her younger sisters will be during the summer. She is closest to the one just younger than her, but I think she may be with her dad or in daycare most of the summer. And her older sister and brother usually hang out together and exclude her when they are together :( ) Or let me know where you go to find ideas for your kids.

Thanks and good luck to all the moms about to be back on steady full time entertainment duty. Especially to those who have to deal with the heat like we do here in Texas.

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Charisse said...

I saw the purse at Burlington - it was only like 20 bucks....but I have been saving dollars and only paying bills.

I am getting a hair trim and touch-up on the color on Tuesday before we come out there so you will get to see totally fresh hair. :-)