Tuesday, October 28, 2008


EXCITING things have happened since I posted this morning.

First, I just got a message sent from an old friend from high school on here. My friend Tiffany whom I haven't gotten to see since my surgery when she came to visit me in the hospital (thank you again) popped up with a hi and a link to excitement of her own. Go here to see her beautiful baby boy!! I expect to be getting in touch with her in person REALLY SOON to meet her fabulous baby but also and most excitingly to get to see a dear friend I have lost contact with over the years and have missed and thought about OFTEN!!

Second, I just got a call from Dr. Chang's nurse. She said the doctor said my spot is nothing to be concerned about. I asked if it had been there after the surgery. She couldn't say. I'm sure he just told her to let me know it wasn't a concern, but he would check on it again when I have my MRI next year (something that I'm sure will be a standard yearly check up for me now especially with that little spot). He didn't sound worried at my appointment, but wanted to be sure. That's why this guy is so awesome. He's very calming and very thuro (sp?)!! SO NO WORRIES!!! YEA!!!!!!!

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