Thursday, October 30, 2008

Flying Saucer

is where I went last night. I very rarely go out anymore much less go out on a week night. But last night I enjoyed a night out with my brother and some of his friends. A couple I knew and a few more I didn't. But I greatly enjoyed myself.

I had been planning to go last night with him for a while. The Wednesday before a holiday they always sell a special glass. (The Flying Saucer is a popular hang out in downtown Ft. Worth that sells hundreds of different beers.) Unfortunately the one being sold this time wasn't very "Halloweeny". I was disappointed since this was my first time to get to go for a holiday glass. My brother has quite a collection that I have admired. Oh well, maybe I'll get to go with him for Thanksgiving.

I'm not much of a beer person, so I had two glasses of the same drink that tastes more like an apple soda than a beer. I learned though that they have the U.F.O. club which my brother is a member of. You join and it keeps track of the various beers you try by printing out tickets you give to your waiter/waitress. After you have tried 200, you get your own gold saucer with your name and a quote added to the wall. You can only log 3 different ones a night. My brother is around 95 I think. A lot in my thoughts, but he's been at it for quite a while and doesn't go there too often, so it's actually a fairly slow process.

So I enjoyed my two drinks, a chicken caesar wrap (which is what I ate when Kristi and I went on our girls' night out. SO GOOD!), and a Dr. Pepper. I was the first to leave at 7:30, but I don't think anyone else stayed much longer either. Just a nice evening out for everyone.

My brother was super nice and paid for all my stuff as a birthday gift. Thank you!! I really don't do enough with him anymore. I need to change that and make it more of a priority.

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