Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I'm growing up...maybe

Well I was going to do good and get back to walking steady in the mornings again starting today, but it's too cold!! My darn ankles could in no way handle it.

So Thursday was my 29th birthday. I'm still trying to process I'm already in my last year of my 20's. It seems to be going to so fast. I was watching a show last week (won't tell what one. it's one of the 2 trashy reality shows I watch) and one of the characters was commenting on how she was 29, looked great, and was going to fulfill some of her dreams no matter what people think. And I was watching thinking I'm 29 tomorrow and I don't feel anywhere near as adult as she looks and acts. Don't get me wrong, in many ways I act more like an adult than she does on the show. I just look at her and how she gussies herself up and I just don't feel like the woman she shows. I think that's what will help to keep me young for many more years to come.

I'm pleased with how I was this year about my birthday. I often build it up in anticipation of something fabulous happening just to be disappointed. I love having my birthday during this time of year, but alas it is the start to the real business of all the holidays, so it's not something that can easily be celebrated. Don't get me wrong, I have enjoyed MANY of my birthdays, I just have a wild imagination and will create something huge happening that day. This year I seemed to have finally grown up and not done that. Actually for the most part I forgot all about it. Normally I announce to friends and family how close it is starting at a month till just like a little kid. This year I expected nothing really. And this made it all the better. I gave myself a few treats. I did no chores that day. I went to Joann's to pick and purchase fabric to make this quilt. It will be my first. I am super excited about it and am VERY pleased with the fabrics I chose. I'm normally displeased with things I make due to thinking it just doesn't look as good as other people's due to my choices. But I think I finally got it right. Now to just continue to feel that way when I make it. I also made my cake while everyone was gone so I could have all the licking to myself. *hehe* That evening went with Larry and Holly to pick up some more things they needed for this last weekend to go hunting (it was youth weekend. actual hunting season starts this coming weekend), and then we had a nice dinner at Olive Garden. I'm not one who likes big amounts of attention on me, so I wasn't quite so fond of how Larry had them sing to me. Him and Holly greatly enjoyed my reaction of a big "NOOO" and my facial expressions through it.

Like I mentioned, Larry and Holly went hunting this last weekend. They went with my bro-in-law and nephew. Larry already had a camo hat I had knitted him last winter, but he asked me to make ones for the other 3. I was so busy that I couldn't get to them till late in the week. I got Holly's made, but her head is bigger than I thought so I had to undo it and make it larger. I got her's done on the drive to East TX on Friday and got one more made that night, but i couldn't stay awake long enough to get the third done. I felt bad, but I also had a blister on one of my fingers from rushing to get them done. I got the 3rd done while they were hunting so it would be ready the next morning for them. Unfortunately I didn't get to get a picture of them.

Our main reason for going this weekend was to visit Larry's grandmother. She is 84 and has been super healthy until just recently. She has a bleeding ulcer in her stomach that put her in the hospital for 2 weeks. She is out and well enough for visitors now. So even though it was the weekend of my 10 year high school reunion, I felt it was more important to get out there and see her. I lost my last grandparent in 2001, and this is Larry's last. And since I met her, she has become VERY dear to me.

Yesterday Larry and I had our appointments with my neurosurgeon to go over our MRIs. Larry is being seen due to severe migraines. Doc said his looked good, so he is being sent on to a specialist who does headache management. Mine is my one year follow up (little late due to problems with changed information). Mine showed a spot that was highlighted by the contrast. So I have to run back out there to take him my films from my old MRIs so he can compair and see if it was something already there that he doesn't feel needs to be worried about, or if it's something new we need to keep an eye on. So unfortunately I'll have to make the long drive to Plano again to drop off, but Larry will pick them up one day when he sees his new doctor. And then I don't do anything else until time for another MRI next year.

Also, yesterday I got in the mood a little early. The Christmas mood that is. Did you know it's only 9 weeks from this last Thursday? Yep 9 weeks from my b-day exactly. Normally this stresses me out. But this year I've FINALLY gotten started early on my shopping. No more just saying it. Hopefully I can keep it up and be done by the first week of Dec. That's my goal anyway. Or maybe a better one is not be rushing around at the last minute for everything. I have been planning what to get most people already so even if I can't get it all early I'll know what to get and that takes a LOT of stress away. Anyway what got me in the mood: I had to run to Walmart last night due to forgetting to get bread when I got a few groceries earlier in the day. While I was there I decided to stop in the book and magazine section. As I was coming up on it, I noticed the display of Christmas novels. I love reading those. They are generally just sweet stories that put me in a happy and relaxed mood. So now I have the itch to start reading them. I'm going to make myself wait till after Halloween at least though.

Well that's long enough for now. Time to start getting ready to make my drop off. Hopefully I'll be able to get back to work on my projects soon and I can take some pictures of all of my finished work.


Dustythemomhaskins said...

WOW, you are one busy lady. Glad you could see his Gma but sad I did not get to see you. I am going to try to set something up when I come into town next, a mini reunion if you will. WOW, keep my up to date with the MRI, that worries me but you seem to be doing well with it so that is nice to hear. We'll talk soon. Happy Halloween

Tiffany Pruett said...

Toby! I haven't talked to you in soooo long. I actually found your blog a while back and check in on you every few weeks or so. I'm glad to hear that you are doing well. Happy {late} birthday, girl!

PS I have a little baby blog site, check it out: http://sites.bundleofjoys.com/tiffandwes/

Charisse said...

Hey hunny...I am so excited for you that everything is going well. You know I love you and I am thinking of you all the time.