Monday, October 6, 2008

I Found Heaven!

Tonight I found Heaven in a new place called Chocolate Dunkers!

Every week rotating between 4 guys at Larry's work, one takes Monday off due to going on emergency call Tues-Mon. and having to work all day Saturday. Today was Larry's Monday off. So we spent the day being lazy. Which was rough due to the piles of chores I have waiting for me. (When I get the excuse to be lazy it seems that's when I feel the urge/need to work.
And when I need to work, that's when I just want to be lazy. Raise your hand if you are the same way.)

We went to Home Depot to try to find some paint colors Lori told me she used in her house that I wanted to try and match to the paint Larry wanted to get to paint Haylee's/my sewing room. And we picked up our free Redbox movies. Other than that we stayed home and vegged out.

Larry decided for dinner he wanted to just order pizza. It had been a while since we had just ordered it in. So we decided to go ahead and order from Pizza Hut even though we had a fairly crummy experience with them on one of our last orders (this being the main reason we don't order pizza much any more). As I was finishing up with ordering online, one of those little windows popped up. You know the one that asks if you want to add one more item before you check out? I usually just click the no thanks button, but this time the picture caught my eye. Yes that one in the beginning of this post. And I thought "Why not? Larry's getting hot wings, I deserve a little treat too." So I decided to spend the extra $5 and get some. And OH MY GOSH, it was worth it!!! I was a little worried it would be a little too much chocolate for me (don't get me wrong, I am a chocoholic. but I can find some that is just too much). This ended up being the perfect thing though. I have never felt delight eating anything before like I did this! And never expected to on anything much less a pizza dessert. Proudly though, I only ate 3 small pieces. I have been doing good reaching my workout goals for over a month now and didn't want to over do it. (I have been noticing a difference for a while now on my energy and endurance, but am just now finally noticing a change in the way my clothes are fitting. I know that is due to not changing my diet the way I should. Even more of a reason not to go over board).

Anyway, I just wanted to pass on this delicious discovery to those of you who do love chocolate as much as I do. Yes I know many of you don't, but if you do-TRY THESE!! And I will end my rambling there.

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